Thank you for your interest in working at Copenhagen Yoga Studio. Before applying, please read about the positions and job openings down below.

First and foremost you need to practice a lot of yoga with us. If you have never taken a single class in our studio, then start now. Thereby you will get familiar with Copenhagen Yoga’s approach to yoga, the atmosphere in the studio, the students, as well as our teachers, including the owner Mette.
Almost all of our teachers have followed some yoga courses and/or yoga teacher training within the Copenhagen Yoga context. We recommend that you apply for our 'Three-year teacher training' program. If you already have completed a couple of teacher training programs, we ask of you that you do our 'One-year foundational teacher training' or attend some of Mette´s retreats, so that she can see where you are in your yoga practice.
When you are ready, send us your resume, a lifelike photo and any recommendations from previous workplaces.
To apply for a teaching job at Copenhagen Yoga, you must have a Danish CPR number, as well as a limited residence and work permit in Denmark.

If you think you would make a great receptionist and you possess high-level service skills, please send us an application with your resume, a lifelike photo and any recommendations from previous workplaces.
We are not currently hiring receptionists.

In general, we only allow local teachers to offer classes, events, and workshops, but if you often visit Denmark please drop by and meet us, and maybe next time you are around you can offer an event. You need, however, to have residence and work permit in Denmark, which means you must be EU citizen or citizen of England, Ireland or one of the Nordic countries. USA, Canada, and Asia citizenship sadly make it very difficult.


Mail your application to:
Mette Ørum