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Welcome to Copenhagen Yoga Academy! We are so excited to help you on your path to be a part of our educational program. We hope that this page will provide you with all the information you need, and if not, please always feel free to call us or send us an email.


Being a yoga teacher is the most noble profession in the world. When you teach yoga to others, your students will put their mental and physical health, as well as their open heart and spirit in YOUR hands. For many, being in a yoga class means opening up, being vulnerable, and discovering new depths of their own existance. We know how important this is. Just like you wouldn't put your physical or mental health in the hands of a doctor or psychologist who finished their education by taking a quick course. Yoga is more powerful form of therapy than most people realise, and to be able to provide others with this therapy, you need to be qualified. Just doing yoga doesn't give you the same knowledge as years of dedicated, specialised teacher training do. 

The main reason you migh want to choose Mette Oerum and Copenhagen Yoga to guide you on your yoga immersion journey is because quality is our number one driver. In everything with do, we put utmost passion, knowledge and detail, and we never take shortcuts. To speak frankly, if your goal is to quickly become a yoga teacher in order to earn quick money, there are many training programs that are shorter than ours, and they are probably a better choice for you. Mette has dedicated her whole life to yoga, and it is her promise to herself and others to never offer inadequate yoga lesson or a teacher program just to follow the latest trends.

Just like any fine craft, yoga too needs time, patience, perseverance and a lot of practice to master. By having the same number of lecturing hours stretched through a longer period of time, you will be able to grow and mature in your own yoga practice.


Here at Copenhagen Yoga, we do things little differently. After our successful three-year training programs is coming to and end, and we have listened to the feedback. Therefore, from 2020, our new immersion education program will come in 2 parts, which will allow us to make it cheaper and more accessible to anyone interested. This puts you in charge of the level you want to acheive, and for  dedicated students, there will always be options for further progress.


Every three years, we begin a new season of teacher education. One season contains 4 levels of training programs and lasts approximately 3 years.
Anyone with 6 months of yoga experience can join when the season starts. This means if you have continuously practised yoga for a minimum of 6 months, you can join our Fundamental Training 1, and afterwards decide how far you want to take your progress.
If you have already completed a teacher training somewhere else, and wish to join the season after it has begun, without doing our Fundamental Training 1, you should get in contact with Mette, our founder, and the person in charge of the education. You will then together find the best starting point for you.


Mette is the founder and a teacher at Copenhagen Yoga. Mette is a certified Senior Intermediate One Iyengar Yoga teacher which makes her one of the highest certified yoga teachers in Scandinavia, where she is also well known for her therapeutic yoga for people with concussion, whiplash, depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. She also teaches at her many international retreats throughout the year. She has more than 25 years of experience, for years she has lived and studied in the ashram of Syda Yoga, and has been taught by some of the best Iyengar yoga teachers around the world, as well as the famous Ayurvedic guru Dr. Vasant Lad, before returning and settling in Copenhagen to open her own studio – Copenhagen Yoga.


She is a patient, kind and very skilled teacher, eager to transfer her knowledge onto new aspiring yoga teachers. Her classes are always filled with her positive joyful energy. Many have become yoga teachers under her mentorship, and are now teaching at Copenhagen Yoga.
Mette has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager, and has been teaching it to others for over half of her life. So with Mette as your teacher, you are not only certain to receive the best education, but to also get a passionate mentor, to whom yoga is not just a job, but whole life’s purpose (Dharma). With Mette, you are in the best hands, both as a yoga student and a future yoga teacher.


To get precise information about each training program, and sign up for it, you can click on the programs under the study structure scheme. If the buttons are un-clickable, it means registration hasn't been opened yet, and we are working on putting up more relevant information. 

Fundamental Training 1 & 2: 15.000 kr each
Intermediate & Advanced Training: 30.000 kr each
Payable through 1-5 month plans. Each training has specific payment plan rules and offers, so make sure you get the right information by clicking on the training you are interested in.

Prices include:
• Neccessary studying materials
• Assessment fee & certificate
• 100 hours of lectures in 6-month program / 200 hours in 1-year program
• Free access to one of Mette’s 90-minute classes per week, depending on the program level
• Access to all needed yoga equipment or storage of your own
• Tea and snacks during lectures

Additional benefits:
• 15% off your classes before the training begins (once you have made your first payment), and 4 months after it ends
• Yoga membership with 65% discount during your training
• Possibility of getting a job at Copenhagen Yoga after your training

Study structure


6 months


6 months

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