Mini Workshop Class


CopenhagenYoga is introducing a new concept to deepening your yoga practice:


In the next couple of months the founder and owner of Copenhagen yoga, Mette Oerum and her teachers will be teaching MINI WORKSHOPS.
You can use your punch cards. Book your spot now.

Mette will teach Pranayama Mini Workshops to deepening the practice and art of Pranayama.

We will teach a monthly Friday Mini Classes, that will deepen your practice on the following themes: Twists, Backbends, Back to Basic, Restorative, Standing, and Inversion.

Welcome 2019

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Saturday 1/6 at 08.30-09.30

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Friday 26/4 at 16.30-18.00 “Restorative”
Spring is arriving, the light is getting stronger, and it is time for you to revitalize. In this two hour workshop, you will be taught quiet and soothing poses, that will have a deep impact on your immune system and your overall well-being.

Friday 31/5 at 16.30-18 “Standing”
Stay firm, stay focused and grounded. A good foundation and understanding of the standing poses, makes your practice so much stronger and your focus so much better.

Friday 14/6 at 16.30 - 18.00 ”Inversions”
This workshop is for students that want to get introduced to the inversions, or get back to the basic of their practice of inversions. The focus will be on creating the mobility and strength that is needed for you to improve or to get started your practice of inversions.
The importance of the inversions cannot be emphasized enough - it gives you strength, clarity of mind, inner focus and stability.

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Saturday 18/5 kl. 11.30-13.00
“Energizing twist”
In this 1,5 hour Mini Workshop you will be guided through Iyengar Vinysana, in a steady flow where we move from one pose directly into another. In this class we focus on energizing twists, which have a detoxifying effect on your system. You will leave the class, finding yourself feeling lighter and energized.