New Students


New students

Intro courses and welcome offer



If you have never practiced yoga before, we understand that choosing the right place can be a difficult decision.

The beauty of Iyengar Yoga, which we teach here at Copenhagen Yoga, is that it is meant to make yoga available to everyone, male or female, beginner or advanced, completely healthy or having injuries...

So join the Copenhagen Yoga family, where you will be taught by certified Senior Intermediate Hatha Iyengar Yoga teacher, and the owner of CY, Mette Oerum-Nielsen, and her team of teachers educated under her mentorship.

For you who are completely new to yoga, we can offer one of our many intro courses to introduce you to correct breathing techniques, as well as the main poses (asanas) which you will use throughout your Iyengar Yoga practice in the years to come.

Intro courses are for you who are new to yoga, but also for advanced students who have been away from practicing yoga for a while and want to refresh the foundation of a good yoga practice. Many students love to come on these courses over and over as you learn new things each time, and get better at understanding and integrating the poses in your body and mind.


Whether you have completed the intro courses, or are an experienced yoga student joining our studio for the first time, we have a special offer for you!

3x60min classes



We hope you will want to continue your yoga practice at Copenhagen Yoga, so here is a suggestion how you can do that: