Yoga teachers


Mette Ørum

Founder & owner | YOGA Teacher

Mette Oerum-Nielsen lived and studied through a couple of years in her teens with the Siddha Yoga master Guru Mayi Chidvilasananda. She then fulfilled her Iyengar yoga teacher training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Paris with Corinne and Faeq Biria. She is currently an International Certified Senior Intermediate One ®Iyengar yoga teacher.


YOGA teacher

Always smiling, full of energy, Christine has been a teacher at Copenhagen Yoga almost from the beginning. She teaches the Intro classes, All Level, Beginners, Intermediate and the Saturday classes. Christine is also a part of the concussion/whiplash therapeutic team here at Copenhagen Yoga.


YOGA teacher | currently on maternal leave

Ronja is such a dedicated student and teacher of Copenhagen Yoga. Currently finishing her four-year teacher training program here at Copenhagen Yoga, to become a certified ®Iyengar yoga teacher. Ronja has recently finished her medical school to become a doctor. She is also an excellent harp player, which in several occasions she has blessed us with her music.


    YOGA teacher

    Meet our teacher Sophie - a dedicated joyful yoga teacher of Copenhagen Yoga.
    As she said about her encounter with Iyengar yoga: "Iyengar® yoga appeared to be my solution.  The intensive and intelligent way to work with your body caught my instant interest. And teaching others gives a whole new understanding of the profound knowledge of Yoga."

    Sophie is finishing her fourth year of teacher training here at Copenhagen Yoga, and will be an international certified Iyengar® yoga teacher.


    YOGA teacher

    Ines a dedicated and joyful yoga teacher of Copenhagen Yoga.
    As she said about her meeting with Mette, the CY owner, and Iyengar yoga: "Hatha Iyengar® yoga was love at first sight. I knew I had come home. I am originally from Portugal, but true love is not limited by borders. I am grateful to be able to teach at Copenhagen Yoga and am looking forward to the years to come."


    YOGA teacher


    YOGA teacher | substitute

    Christian is a student of the method of B.K.S Iyengar and is taking the Iyengar yoga teacher training here at Copenhagenyoga under the mentorship of Mette Ørum, owner of Copenhagen Yoga.
    He just finished the first year of the 3 Year Iyengar Yoga teacher training and is subbing at our classes.